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Stourbridge Lawn Tennis & Squash Club is very much committed to the development of Squash. As one of the leading squash clubs in the region we encourage players of all abilities to come along and get involved.  The Club has indoor 6 courts including a The Roy Bradley glass backed exhibition court capable of holding 90 spectators.


All competitions will be advertised on Squash noticeboard 


Daytime and evening leagues can be found on noticeboad adjacent to Indoor Court 3 viewing balcony.

For further information please do not hesitate to contact our Squash Chairperson Aubrey Grosvenor or Coach Darren Bradbury.

Mix Ins

Mix in sessions are a wonderful way to meet other players and experience different styles and levels of play. Simply turn up at the meeting point by Indoor Courts 2 & 3 and as soon as a court and players become available you will be included to play. 20 minutes are played with 2 players. Once the 20 minutes are completed, the players come off and randomly mix again to play with different people in the next set. After matches players usually meet for drinks in our Club Room which is always a great start to the weekend!

Friday Club Night & Mix from 4:30 - 9pm

All standards welcome

Meeting point - Indoor Courts balcony

Book a Court


 All racket members can book courts on line using  The booking system allows Tennis and Squash/Racketball court booking.  All racket members are registered so that their membership cards can be used to ‘check in’ using the swipe reader on the monitors in reception and at the back of indoor courts 1 & 2. 

Racket members are sent an email on joining which gives details of how to use the system, their sign on, password and PIN number.  Cards should be registered on the reception monitor on the first time of use.  Thereafter members can choose either to use their card to ‘check in’ or their PIN.

 Squash/Racketball Booking

- Courts 2, 3 and 5 can be booked 14 days prior from 6am.

- Courts 1 & 4 can only be booked onsite with the kiosk system and only the next available start time can be booked. Members are only allowed to book one of these courts daily.

- Court 6 is ‘court of the day’ which can be booked from 6am.

- The member who books the court should select playing partners/opponents to show on the booking sheets.

- Members may not be included in bookings (either advance or "stand and wait") for consecutive court sessions



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