Stourbridge Lawn Tennis and Squash Club
01384 393613
  1. FULL MEMBERSHIP: 7 days a week –Open Weekdays 6:30am to close. Weekends 7.30am to close. (closed Christmas day, Bank Holidays, the Club will be open from 9am)

  2. RESTRICTED MEMBERSHIP: Monday – Friday 9am to 5pm

  3. These are approximate costs, offers may be available; Adult rackets £517 p/a or £46.10 D/D. Adult Gym £418 p/a or £37.26 D/D, Adult Rackets and Gym £684 p/a or £61.00 D/D. There are many categories of membership from adult to junior please contact us for your exact requirements.

  4. Discounts maybe available for partners and children under 18 living at the same address as an adult member. (The member of the highest category pays the main, full subscription)

  5. Children under 10 years must be accompanied by a parent or guardian whilst at the club and we therefore insist that a minimum Social Membership is taken out by each adult who will be with the child. Joint social membership is available for this category.

  6. Family Memberships are available for 2 adults and any number of children.

  7. No refunds, no credits can be applied to this offer and non-transferable.

  8. No discounts are available for Social Members.